HART’s Hangout 002 – How’s It Going, Eh?

PS … yes! that was technical difficulties 6:48 to 19:34 ….. I accidentally clicked the mute button on the microphone while dickering around talking to myself, and never noticed. This is what you missed:

1) talking about how I keep track of my timesheets
2) showing my http://flickr.com/PetLvr account and my dogs!
3) While I was there I showed HART’s Famous Chili Recipe photos 😛

The HART Hangout 002

Recorded: August 4, 2012
Time Length: 66 min 50 sec

HART’s Speed Painting 005 – Purple Sunrise

HART’s Speed Painting 003

Recorded: November 2, 2011
Time Length: 04 min 43 sec

This was my fifth attempt at speed painting!

I ran out of canvases and wanted to pick up some up today at Artist Emporium. It turned out that my ‘membership’ card we joined while taking art classes with Guy St. Godard last year expires November 24th and I get an extra 20% discount on everything else! Canvases are 50% off if I purchase more than 5 (and you know I did!)

I was planning to replenish my acrylic paints today. Normally, besides white, I only use three colours .. yellow, blue and red. But, today I wanted to see how it would be to use entirely new colors. So, I purchased a crimson purple shade, and a metalic silver acrylic “heavy” paint and decided I wanted to paint a picture entirely with silver and purple! I added white in my mix, just in case I can come up with different shades of each.

My reflections of Purple and Silver Painting

I really liked the purple, because it’s my favorite colour and I have a hard time mixing yellow, red and white to get purple .. so, I will definitely add this to my mix of colours on future paintings! The metalic silver wasn’t a great idea, because I was hoping I could mix some variations of grey but it really didn’t mix well … Silver looked nice though for special times so, I will at least include it with my future paintings. I really had no problems making grey or black without silver however ? You’ll see in the video, that I tended to like better turning my silver skies into a purple hazey silver sky for the most part.
Watch Me Paint This Picture!

Unfortunately, I forgot to remove some videos and pictures I had on my camera left from Saturday’s “Red Run 10k Race” in Selkirk Manitoba so, the video stopped at precisely 34min 20sec. I probably touched up the painting for another 2-3 minutes afterwards, but not really much difference from the final product. So, for this reasons I sped up the video 8 times to bring it down to just over the 4 minutes you see below!

This is what I was trying to paint ..

HART’s Speed Painting 003 – Sunrise at Black Lake

HART’s Speed Painting 003

Recorded: October 12, 2011
Time Length: 08 min 00 sec

This is my third attempt at speed painting!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving Dinner party at my mom’s place, and I was browsing one of the gabillions of pictures taken and stored on my cousin Jame’s iPad2, when I saw an interesting folder. I call this picture “James’ Choice” because, I asked him to pick out a picture that was nice enough for me to paint, and simple enough for me to paint – or, rather speed paint. And, this is what he emailed me at the time! A sunrise picture on Black Lake, Ontario, where he and his buddies went fishing one time. At least I think that’s where this picture is. Hmm. It could be a sunset, or even just a picture of some sunlight breaking through the trees!

Well, the entire video took me 31 minutes to record this time (longer than any of my first two speed painting quests). Where I wasn’t painting, I sped up the video 6 times and then when I started to paint I sped it up 2 times. However, the video was almost 15 minutes long during my first run, so I ended up speeding up all my painting time twice (4x’s speed) to shorten the video to about half, or 8 minutes in length. I figured … who’s gonna watch these damn videos if it’s too long and puts everybody to sleep, eh?!

Here’s The Video

I had two goals with this video … (1) first try to use more than one brush and (2) try not to make a mess. I painted this in our back room and was watching a vampire spoof movie “SUCK” (with Alice Cooper, Jessica Pare, Dave Foley, Iggy Pop, etc). I didn’t really like painting in this room, because the light was behind me, and every time I moved in to paint, a shadow came across the canvas. You probably can notice it in this video. Also, in this video I noticed that my software converts everything to a .wmv format, and not that high quality. The original 31 minute video isn’t as grainy as this final YouTube version – I’ll try to work on improving that in Take 004

HART’s Speed Painting 002 – Upside Down Picture

HART’s Speed Painting 002

Recorded: October 4, 2011
Time Length: 07 min 16 sec

Starting to get the hang of things …

This is my second attempt at speed painting!

After “take 001” I was browsing some pictures of our cottage that I have been taking over the years, found one .. and then printed it. But, when I printed it, I actually liked the picture upside down better! The rolling clouds looked great as the lake part of the picture, and the blue water looked great as the sky! So, this was my intention all along – to paint this picture upside down!

Well, the entire picture took me 28:46 to set up and paint, and I ended up liking the picture in its original format. The picture is a view from our cottage porch at Victoria Beach, looking out towards the Hillside Beach side of the bay.

Here’s The Video

I had two goals with this painting. Firstly, to try and paint using an Easel that I had bought, in the hopes that I wouldn’t make a mess of my portable assistant table I was using, because the paint doesn’t wash off too well! Secondly, I just wanted to paint using one thick brush so there was less clean up! I might have been distracted watching PVR episode of Top Chef Desserts, and coincidentally ended my painting with the end of watching the show! Some day in the future I’ll have to try this without the TV on, and without any time limits and see what I can come up!

HART’s Speed Painting 001 – Desktop Background

HART Speed Painting 001

Recorded: September 26, 2011
Time Length: 09 min 38 sec

This was my first attempt using movie related software to process this video … so please bare with me while I learn new tricks!

I painted this over 36 minutes while watching the premier of Amazing Race and recorded it on my Canon A2000IS in 4 steps, approx. 9 minutes each. I then used MPEG Streamclip to combine the videos into one long video. Then, I uploaded it into Windows Movie Maker and sped up the time 2 times. Unfortunately, this converted it to 18 minutes (over YouTube’s 15 minute limit) so I went and sped it up again 2 times.

So – this video is time lapse speed of 4 times original speed.

Now, I didn’t say it was a good painting! But, I was trying to remember what my desktop background looked like and wanted to paint that. Afterwards, I took the image and appended it to the video so you can see what I was trying to paint!

I know everybody is a critic and you can take it or leave it, but it’s actually quite fun trying to do this. I went out to Walmart and even bought a personal desk organizer (foldup desk) $20.00 CDN and a matching foldup chair $22.00 CDN so I can paint on the table and not worry about making such a mess on the kitchen table!

HART’s Podcast 000.4

The HART Podcast 000.4 (March 4, 2010)

by HART (aka 1800HART) | HART's Podcasts

Welcome to the 4th production from The HART Podcast series ..

In this episode .. I just babble on and on about my new toy (was testing sound etc)

The HART Podcast 000.4

Recorded: March 4, 2010
Time Length: 7 min 57 sec


* (1:30) M-Audio Micro Track II – Professional 2-Channel Mobile Digital Recorder
* (5:54) Ultimate Duck Hunting for Wii
* (5:59) Wii Sports Resort w/Wii Motion Plus

I’m pretty much testing out this new pocket digital recorder … I don’t believe there really is any redeeming quality in this podcast! However .. I would be grateful if you went back and listed to a little of the previous podcasts … http://www.hart-empire-network.com/category/the-hart-podcast/ … and let me know what you think of the sound levels and quality compared to the previous ones.

HART’s Podcast 000.3

The HART Podcast 000.3 (July 20, 2008)

by HART (aka 1800HART) | HART's Podcasts

Welcome to the 3rd production from The HART Podcast series ..

In this episode .. I give a little history lesson on how we ended up having the three best pets in the world!

The HART Podcast 000.3

Recorded: July 20, 2008
Time Length: 7 min 21 sec


* (0:28) Classics and Soundtracks by Daniel Bautista
* (0:35) Jamendo.com
* (0:41) Christmas @ HART Market (the store I was working on)
* (1:42) http://DogLvr.com http://CatLvr.com http://BirdLvr.com http://FishLvr.com http://HorseLvr.com
* (1:58) http://PapillonLvr.com/blog/
* (2:21) As Good As It Gets
* (2:33) Simon’s Brussels Griffon dog “Verdelle”
* (2:45) http://WinnipegHumaneSociety.ca
* (3:18) Our Zeussie Pussy Cat
* (3:35) http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/
* (3.43) Kirby wins Best In Show 1999!
* (3:45) Ode To Kirby The Papillon
* (4:26) Maxxie the Papillon
* (4:42) Falcon Lake Hotel and Resort
* (5:28) Sophie the day we got her!
* (5:30) Sophie the Papillon
* (5:51) Pogo Games now Atlantis Big Fish Games
* (6:20) My original dog site getting more hits than my business site
* (7:04) PetLvr.com – [The Blog]

HART’s Podcast 000.2

The HART Podcast 000.2 (June 22, 2008)

by HART (aka 1800HART) | HART's Podcasts

Welcome to the 2nd production from The HART Podcast series ..

In this episode .. another purely random and nonsensical podcast by me, HART .. I begin to realize that I need a little focus with this process and have to come up with some type of schedule or plan of action .. if anybody will every listen to me on the internet. As always .. if you have have any suggestions to make me more interesting or sound better, or recommend future topics to discuss – just mention them in the comment area! Thanks. 🙂

The HART Podcast 000.2

Recorded: June 22, 2008
Time Length: 6 min 37 sec


* (1:09) Audacity – Download
* (2:15) Pidgim – for many IM chat programs!
* (2:51) Psydom Recordz – Revolutions. My Computer Voice by Time Reaction
* (3:27) PetLvr @ Jamendo
* (3:32) PetLvr @ Last.fm